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1-Stop Home Watch Service is accredited by the National Home Watch Association

1-Stop Home Watch Services – Home Watch Naples FL

1-Stop Home Watch providing trusted home watch Naples FL services since 2018.  Thank you for visiting our website!  Watch the video below to learn from David Ling, Owner of 1-Stop Home Watch Services, why you should trust your vacant home or property to 1-Stop Home Watch as one of the best home watch services in Naples, Fl based on customer satisfaction and credentials.  1-Stop Home Watch provides you the peace of mind you are looking for knowing that your home or property is being looked after and cared for by professionals who bring the experience, technology, training, accreditation, insurance and bonding to protect and keep you informed about your valuable asset while you are away.

Naples Fl Home Watch – There are hundreds of individuals watching homes for seasonal or part time Florida residents in just the Naples area alone.  Most of them are friends or neighbors with no business license, training, insurance or bonding.  They may or may not provide you with a report of their findings while visiting your home and many of them are in your residence for less than 10 minutes.  Everything is fine until something happens and then, if they even notice the issue, simply call you and expect you to deal with it.  That was the motivation behind the formation of 1-Stop Home Watch Service.  Every Inspector for 1-Stop has been certified by the National Home Watch Association (NHWA) as a “Certified Home Watch Professional” in applying the best practices as established by the NHWA.  Only a handful of home watch companies in the Naples area can make that claim.  Determined to be the best home watch company in Naples, 1-Stop Home Watch Service chose the NHWA for accreditation because it is the largest and most trusted professional association of home watch companies in North America.  The NHWA vetted 1-Stop Home Watch which included background checks and keeps records of 1-Stop Home Watch insurance, bonding and business license(s) to assure they meet the NHWA standards necessary to protect your assets.

Home Watch – The NHWA defines home watch as, “A visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.”   While no one can claim to prevent a problem from occurring in your vacant home, there are a number of steps that can be implemented, and technology employed to both prevent and identify early on when a problem may arise before it becomes a disaster.  1-Stop Home Watch stages your home for vacancy in a way that is designed to limit potential damage should a leak occur.  An electronic inspection record, for a single-family home with pool for example, has 17 observations outside and 32 observations inside which is sent to you after every inspection of your residence that includes taking pictures for your peace of mind and recording actual temperature and humidity.  1-Stop even includes a picture of your main water valve in the off position so you know the water is turned off after every inspection is completed.

Home Watch Technology – No matter how often you choose to have your home inspected (1-Stop recommends you have it inspected weekly or bi-weekly), conditions are known only at the time of the inspection.  To be the best home watch provider in Naples and set ourselves apart from the competition, 1-Stop Home Watch offers to partner with you in applying unique cellular based technology that monitors temperature, humidity and power and alerts both you and 1-Stop if conditions exceed alert parameters set jointly.  Three out of every four 1-Stop clients use this device, and it has prevented or reduced loss and damage on numerous occasions.  And because it is cellular based with a backup battery you will continue to be aware of conditions in your home even with loss of power, as may occur during a summer storm or hurricane.  We are proud of the professional use of technology to protect your home.

Home Watch Services – 1-Stop is there for you in whatever needs arise while you are away.  Please visit the HOME WATCH, CONCIERGE and STORM SERVICES pages on our website to learn the full breath of our services, and please call me direct on my cell at 239-227-7001 or fill out the information on the CONTACT tab of the website, and I will answer any question and arrange a free visit for quotation.