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Concierge Services in Naples Florida by 1-Stop Home Watch

Concierge Services

As one of the best  Home Watch Services in Naples Florida 1-Stop offers a full array of Concierge Services delivering the levels of attention and support you expect and deserve. The services we provide give you peace of mind that we are there to arrange, handle and resolve any need whether it be Repair/Maintenance, Handyman, Home Services, Transportation or researching options for the right Contractor. Simply put, we are there to be your hands, eyes and ears, keeping in close communication with you to the completion of any need you may have.

Concierge – Repair and Maintenance Services

To be complete, concierge services in Naples Florida must include handling repair or maintenance issues. 1-Stop Home Watch is there to clearly communicate an issue to you using our web-based electronic reporting system, text and/or phone calls that include annotated pictures and a clear description of any problem or issue. With your direction we coordinate with your preferred provider for access, stay with them to completion and record the resolution. If you need recommendations for a service provider, we are at the ready with licensed and insured providers we work with regularly and highly recommend.

Concierge – Handyman Services

When you have a service need that doesn’t require a licensed professional, 1-Stop Home Watch is there to fill the need with quality handyman services. David, (Owner) raised on a farm, a nuclear engineer in the Navy and service professional in the medical imaging field has a wealth of knowledge on how to get most handyman jobs done in the home. And if the job is too big, 1-Stop Home Watch has other handyman service providers that can be recommended.

Concierge – Home Services

1-Stop offers comprehensive concierge services for Naples Florida clients that address most of the common needs you have as an absentee homeowner. We tailor our services to the most common needs you will experience and are flexible enough to accommodate the one-off special needs that may arise as well. We treat each client as though they were part of our family and strive to make special accommodations for our client’s peace of mind. Our most common Home Services include:

Mail Forwarding – For when an important document is sent to your seasonal home.
Package Delivery – To bring packages you send to your home when you are not there.
Trash – For when you depart your home, we put out and take in your trash receptacles.
Guest Services – When you have guests or you decide to rent out your home, we go the day before to turn on the water, hot water & icemaker and prep the home for occupancy. If needed, we can meet and key them in or lock up and close the home down for vacancy when they leave. We are equipped to solve problems that may arise while your guests are there.
Open & Closing Services – We go the day before to turn on the water, hot water & icemaker and prep the home for occupancy, and when you leave, we come in and make sure the home is staged for vacancy. We also sweep and clean your lanai and front walkway, put out or clean your lanai furniture.
Cleaning – When you leave or before you return, we can bring in our cleaning crew to be sure the home is clean and ready for you when you arrive. Our cleaning crew can also help keep your home clean while you are there.
Shopping – When you arrive at your residence after a long trip, you probably don’t want to go to the grocery store so we do your shopping for you so that you can relax and wake up to food in the refrigerator for breakfast or upon your arrival.

Concierge – Transportation Services

Concierge Services in Naples Florida clients deserve the best when meeting your transportation needs. That is why we partner with Naples Airport Shuttle to provide our clients with a top rated, dependable and punctual service which is equipped with a fleet of town cars and vans with personalized service picking you up curbside in the baggage claim area if you have luggage, or upstairs at the departure drop off area if you only have carry on luggage. Never a shared ride. Billing, less gratuity, is included in your monthly statement from 1-Stop Home Watch. Services include transportation to and from airports, ports of entry and any local SW Florida destination.

Concierge – Research & Recommendation Services

We have a list of preferred vendors and contractors but recognize that each customer’s needs are uniquely different. Our concierge services include being your feet on the ground and eyes to search the internet for the right contractor for your particular situation. We can arrange for initial interviews and site visits so that when you meet the vendors to make a final decision, they know what you are looking for.