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Welcome to the 1-Stop Home Watch Service Blog where Owners David and Marilyn will share a variety of information that will help current and prospective clients, friends and family with tips on how to keep your second residence safe in the Florida heat and humidity, while away during the summer months.

Remember that a vacant home is vulnerable to a variety of risks.  You need to have your home watched while you are away.  And the person watching it needs to be bonded and insured for your protection.  They should be accredited by a recognized organization and professionally trained to conduct the home watch inspection in a manner that will catch an obvious problem before it becomes a disaster.

Enjoy your Florida Residence!!

Home Watch Myth

Home Watch Myth

HOME WATCH MYTH Add a capful of vegetable oil to the garbage disposal or dishwasher to lubricate the seals so you don’t have to turn on and run water. It is well recognized that water is the number one cause of damage to a vacant home.  Homeowners rightfully turn the...