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Home Watch Naples Fl – Welcome to the 1-Stop Home Watch Service Blog where we share our best practices for your home or property. 1-Stop performs inspections of your property looking for obvious issues and we also provide home watch service plus many concierge services. The tips and issues we share here were found while performing an inspection of an unoccupied home or property.

1-Stop is an elite home watch company and accredited members of the National Home Watch Association (NHWA). We are home watch professionals who are bonded and insured and have learned the best practices for staging a single-family home or condo for vacancy. We offer several services that you may wish to review on our services page. Our goal is your peace of mind and while we offer tips here, we believe will help protect your home, we encourage you to do your own research.

While performing inspections for our Naples Fl clients, we often find common errors. A vacant home is vulnerable to a variety of risks that is not normally considered including how the home is staged, what items have power applied, how thorough someone is when they visually inspect, the credentials of the inspector and whether they have had a background check.  How an inspection of a home is performed and the actions they perform will determine how protected your home is from water damage, insects and mold.

These blog posts will be updated, and additional posts added over time as we have time and the issues we encounter.

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David and Marilyn Ling

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Home Watch – Frequency and Qualifications?

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Home Watch Myth

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