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Home Watch Services, Naples, FL

What home watch services are necessary in Naples, Florida?  Besides the obvious need to make sure the home is secure, there are three issues every Naples homeowner needs to be concerned about: Water, Air-conditioning and Bugs.  Water can become an issue from several sources; from your internal piping, from leaks in your roof and if you own a connected home (Condo or Villa), from your neighbor.  Air-conditioning problems can arise from issues with the thermostat, from the compressor or air handler or from the condensate drain line (5 to 15 gallons per day during the summer).  Bugs can come through cracks around your windows or doors or from your roof as well as through your drains in the showers, sinks or tubs if the water in your traps dry out.

These potential problems are the reason why our home watch services Base Service Package listed below includes all the visual checks you expect and other actions such as running water in all the sinks, showers and tubs, and checking for mildew in places like your dishwasher.  The water in Naples is very rich in minerals which is why we brush and flush your toilets on each inspection.  Your garbage disposal is lubricated by water, therefore we run the garbage disposal while running water in the sink.

We make certain that you know we turn the water off at the end of each inspection by requiring as part of our electronic report a picture of the main water shut-off valve in the closed position before we can mark the inspection as complete.

Our home watch services electronic checklists are customized to meet the particular needs of each of our client’s homes.

How often do I need a Home Watch inspection?

The issue you face as a homeowner is that no matter how frequent inspections occur, it will only let you know what is happening at the time of the inspection.  This is the reason most home watch services providers recommend weekly inspections.  But a lot can happen in your home in even a week.  It only takes about 72 hours in the high temperature and humidity of SW Florida’s summer months for mildew to start to occur.  For that reason, I recommend my clients purchase a cellular based monitor (shown at the bottom of this page) that continuously monitors temperature, humidity and power.  Cellular based because in a hurricane you will likely lose power.  The device I recommend has a battery backup that keeps working for about three days.  This device allows you and 1-Stop on the Alert List, so we are both informed of a problem at the same time.  For those clients who purchase the device I recommend that inspections be performed twice monthly, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.  For my other customers weekly inspections are recommended.  Monthly inspections are too long a period between inspections for any Naples customer.

Home Watch Services Cost for Naples Florida

The cost of home watch services for your Naples’ home are determined by the specifics (size, number of rooms, baths, condo/single family, lanai, pool) and other requirements and special conditions.  Please call us at 239-227-7001 to arrange for a free consultation and estimate for your property.

Base Service Package

  • Security:  Verify that all doors and windows are locked to minimize chance of break-in.
  • Mail:  Check for mail, newspaper & packages and handle per Client instructions.  Take photo of any important mail and alert Client for instructions.
  • Leaks/Mold/Mildew:  Includes water zones – ceilings – closets – baseboards.  We use a high intensity light & hygrometer check for signs of leaks, mold & mildew.
  • Insects/Rodents:  Visual inspection looking for signs of insects or rodents.
  • Temperature / Humidity:  Check the temperature and humidity and reset the thermostat and humidistat settings if required. (See below for recommendations for all our Naples Florida Home Watch Services customers for cell-based monitoring equipment to continuously monitor for this and more.)
  • Drains / Toilets:  Run faucets, sink disposals and flush toilets. If requested, run dishwasher.
  • Water:  Check that the main water valve is turned off after each inspection (unless client otherwise requests).
  • Electrical:  Check panel for tripped breakers & make sure water heater is turned off.
  • Visual:  Walk throughout the property including the lanai and garage.
  • Exterior: Walk the exterior of single-family homes checking on roof, gutters, down spouts, pool condition, screening, signs of vandalism, rodents and landscape condition.
  • Report – Complete the online Home Watch IT report documenting all inspection results.
  • Follow-upImmediately report to the client any abnormality found to coordinate resolution.

Electronic ReportsAs a 1-Stop Home Watch Service customer we provide you an electronic detailed Home Watch Inspection Report after each inspection.  You are informed immediately on the completion with date, time and GPS signature so you know when our inspector was at your property.  You are able to log-in through our website 24/7 and view reports from anywhere in the world. 

HouseSetter Sherlock™ – Cellular Based Monitoring System

(Note: 1-Stop Home Watch has no vested interest in the sale of this device)

As noted above we strongly believe any home watch service client in Naples, Florida should include a cellular based monitoring system that has both you and us, your home watch services provider, on the Alert List to keep us both informed about the conditions in your home and provide ample opportunity to address issues with temperature, humidity and power as they arise.  This allows for a less frequent inspection schedule than the normal weekly inspections.  The National Home Watch Association (NHWA) has partnered with HouseSetter to provide a solution for our customers. HouseSetter was developed by the same engineers who designed the On-Star system for General Motors and have special pricing for the clients of NHWA accredited Home Watch companies.  Please call us at 239-227-7001 for more information.

To view a short video on Sherlock™ by HouseSetter click on the link below.



For more information and to arrange for a free consultation for your home call 239-227-7001