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Home Watch Services Naples FL – 1-Stop Home Watch

Base Service Package Includes:

  • Security – Verify that all doors and windows are locked to minimize chance of break-in.
  • Mail – Check for Mail, Newspaper & Packages and handle per Client instructions.  Take Photo of any important mail and alert Client for instructions.
  • Leaks/Mold/Mildew – Including water zones – ceilings – closets – baseboards using high intensity light & hygrometer check for signs of leaks, mold & mildew. Naples Florida is very rainy & humid during the summer months and weekly inspections are recommended.
  • Insects/Rodents – Visual inspection looking for signs of insects or rodents.
  • Temperature / Humidity – Check the temperature and humidity and reset the thermostat and humidistat settings if required (See below for recommendations for all our Naples Florida Home Watch Services customers for cell-based monitoring equipment to continuously monitor for this and more.)
  • Drains / Toilets – Run faucets, sink disposals and flush toilets. If requested run dishwasher.
  • Water – Check the main water valve is turned off after each inspection (unless client otherwise requests)
  • Electrical – Check panel for tripped breakers & make sure water heater is turned off.
  • Visual – Walk throughout the property including the lanai and garage.
  • Exterior – Walk the exterior of single-family homes checking on roof, gutters, down spouts, pool condition, screening, signs of vandalism, rodents, etc.
  • Report – Complete the online QRIDit report documenting all inspection results.
  • Followup – Immediately report to the client any abnormality found to coordinate resolution.

Electronic Reports – As a 1-Stop Home Watch Service customer we provide you a detailed Home Watch Inspection report during each inspection.  You are informed immediately on the completion with date, time and GPS signature so you know when our inspector was at your property.  You are able to login through our website anywhere 24/7 and view any reports.  You are able to export the reports in PDF form for your use.

Note: We Advise all of our Naples Florida Home Watch Services customers to consider a monitoring system for your home while away.  The weather in Naples Florida is very hot and humid during the summer months so becoming aware of a problem with power, heat or humidity early is critical to prevent a problem becoming a disaster.  There are several options on the market that are cell phone based that do not rely on an internet connection. The system we recommend is HouseSetter:

  • HouseSetter – which will monitor Temperature, Humidity and Power and will take a picture, with a cellular device. Purchase and Subscription plan required.

Your home in Naples Florida is very vulnerable to mold and mildew and quick resolution of any power or AC problem is critical.  As your Certified Home Watch Professionals we will help you if desired with purchase, installation, setup and monitoring.

Hours of operation… normal hours of operation are 8-5 Monday thru Friday.  We make every attempt to respond to an emergency situation after hours and weekends as needed for our customers.