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Naples has experienced, in the past six years, two major hurricanes affecting most every home or property in SW Florida. This demonstrates why your home watch company must provide home watch service plus storm services.

Storm Services are essential concierge services. These include checking your property looking for obvious issues that may become a problem in a storm and resolving those so you can have peace of mind you are prepared if a storm comes. Additional services, in the few days before a storm arrives, closing shutters and storing items that may become airborne. And post storm services that include a visual inspection looking for issues and helping resolve them quickly using licensed and insured providers if necessary.


  • Storm Shutters:  As a premium home watch company in Naples Fl, we strongly recommend all our clients to have hurricane glass or shutters installed on their homes. To keep your home watch service rates down, preferably shutters should be the motorized, crank down or accordion type to make preparation work move quickly. Most home watch services in Naples Fl will not hang your shutter panels in the few days before a storm due to the number of homes. To provide good customer service, we hang shutter panels at the beginning of storm season after you have departed. If your plans for the summer include frequent visits to the home the National Home Watch Association advises you to look to contract with others, for hanging shutters, before the storm season begins.
  • Pre-staging: 1-Stop offers pre-staging services where we come to your home and perform a test run of securing your home to be sure all necessary equipment is there and is working correctly. There is no time for correction when the storm is approaching.
  • Home Preparation: Before leaving your Naples home for the summer be sure to have coconuts and other tree/objects removed that may become missiles in a severe storm.  1-Stop Home Watch can coordinate that activity for you if desired.
  • Pre-Storm: 1-Stop Home Watch Service can come and prepare and inspect and inform you of the action taken prior to the tropical storm or hurricane if this service is selected as part of your coverage. Our clients who select this coverage in advance will have priority for this service.
  • Post-Storm: One of the most important reasons why clients look for “home watch services near me” is the need to inspect every home watch Naples Fl client for damage, immediately inform you and coordinate with vendors and contractors to mitigate any damage from a storm as required.